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Dear Halina,
I just wanted to say you and John were fantastic to deal with!
We liked your approach when we bought our house through you, so were happy to engage you to sell our house. And boy we are very thankful that we did! You made the whole process effortless, your enthusiasm and constant updates made us feel we were with the right agent, and the price you secured was much more than we would have anticipated. We were amazed that we were able to achieve such a good price in such a short time frame especially considering our RV was low. We would be happy to refer you onto anyone who is selling. You both were great! Thanks very much.!
Nicky Willis


I am delighted to be able to record how impressed I am with the way in which Halina recently went about selling my house.

I chose Halina to represent me as my sole agent because I had observed generally the positive and professional way in which both she herself and her company promoted her. In addition, I had been on the circulation list and received her various bulletins during the years which I had found valuable.

Of course Halina is a top selling real estate agent with considerable knowledge and experience – but it is her X factor which results in her being sought after.

She is a great communicator – which is really important for all involved when dealing with what is most of our most valuable and hard earned asset. She respects everyone and sees each situation through the eyes of her clients. For example, her feedback on open homes kept me totally up to date with potential buyers’ reactions and expectations. This meant that there were no surprises for me throughout the sale process.

In addition, she knows the technicalities and laws relating to her job and is experienced, which imparted confidence to me in what was a changing market. And when something obscure arose, she had no hesitation in seeking advice and relaying the findings back to me.
And because of her vast experience, Halina is able to provide plenty of information about comparable situations that had arisen with the sale of other properties – which was very reassuring.

From our first meeting to the after-sale, she explained everything. She guided me through the actions I needed to take – and provided expert advice – but with room for me to make the decisions such that I felt in control with full knowledge of progress.

Halina is admirably honest with everyone. All information was fully disclosed to all parties, such that the process felt very safe to me – and no doubt to those who expressed interest in purchasing the property.

The X factor comes into play with her personality. Halina has special interpersonal skills – and the language to go with them. She always does what she says she is going to – and quickly. Her presence makes every step of the process exciting – and I have observed how people warm to her. She keeps a realistic but positive outlook on the market – and made the most of selling my house during winter.
She always presents in a professional and timely manner and conducts meetings and calls likewise, and with the overlay of insight and understanding.

Her partner John brings an approachable and friendly complement to Halina’s work with his notable capabilities, particularly in the areas of online advertising and other technical information. This partnership provides added assurance and support – as well as reducing advertising costs – and was an efficient and effective way of marketing the property.

I recommend Halina highly and without reservation to all looking to buy or sell real estate – and would be pleased to discuss my experience.






Thinking of Selling in Wellington?
Our Exclusive Advertising Offers, Advanced Digital Targeting, and Competitive Rates will Get You the Results You Want. To Find Out More, Talk with Halina or John Today

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