450 ideas to get your home sold faster

Many of us are regular viewers of landscaping, gardening and home decorating shows and they make it seem so easy. But those of us that have followed their examples know it generally isn’t as easy or as affordable as is often suggested.

Sure, the materials for some of these projects may not cost a fortune but that is often all that is considered. The TV producers frequently get contractors to donate their time in exchange for the valuable publicity they receive, so the true cost of the project is never appreciated. Still, it usually makes a good story.

The problem with many home improvement projects is that they simply cost too much to accomplish when compared with the value they add to your home.

The books pictured here, “450 Ideas To Help Your Home Sell Faster”, contains a wealth of information and suggestions for no-cost or low cost things you can do to improve your homes value. My primary intention was to give a copy to all of those sellers I work with who have the time to carry out some cost-effective improvements before placing their home on the market.

I quickly realised that even if you don’t plan to sell your home for a while, this is an excellent resource for ideas to make your home more pleasant to live in. This is no small brochure. There are 52 pages of content covering every room in the home as well as the outside and even the garage. If you would like a copy, please enter your details below and press the submit button. A copy will be emailed to you immediately and you will also automatically receive Halina’s fortnightly newsletters.

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