Why Insurance is so important for buyers and sellers

Congratulations you are either about to embark on the property ladder for the first time or maybe it’s time to accommodate your changing lifestyle choices. For many, other than the house itself, the greatest asset you will ever have to protect is, well actually its you!!


We all protect the house and chattels, with house/contents insurance, but what about the asset that is generating the money to repay the mortgage?
Your income!

Personal insurance covers like Mortgage Protection Insurance, Life Insurance, or Trauma/Critical care are so important. Life insurance, for example, protects the family with a lump sum payment, to contribute or cover the mortgage in the event of death.

But there are other covers, that provides a lump sum in the event of a certain illness; where you may need a certain figure depending on the degree of illness or disability.

Sound all too confusing, then contact me for sound advice on your options.


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