Free Home Appraisals from A Professional Real Estate Agent

Wellington’s premier real estate agency, Wellington Residential, is pleased to offer free appraisals for those looking to sell their home or property in the Wellington area. Our award-winning real estate agents are here to help you through the process of selling your property, beginning with your free appraisal, so you’re ensured peace of mind during the process. Our services don’t stop there though, and speaking with a professional real estate agent today can help you on the path to selling your home.

Our staff has been in real estate for over twenty years and have won several customer excellence awards during this time. We come highly recommended by previous sellers and take pride in the name we have built for ourselves on the relationship we develop with our customers. We recognise that selling your home can be stressful, and at times confusing, and we seek to make your life easier in the process, starting with a free appraisal. You’ll be getting a lot more when you choose us, as we offer many services aimed at helping you.

Get in contact with a professional real estate agent at Wellington Residential today for yourfree appraisal. Whether you are selling your home, refinancing, or getting a new loan, we can help you. In the current real estate market, ensuring the value of your home is as crucial as ever, and we make it easy for you. Contact us today to see for yourself what makes us Wellington’s number one real estate agent.