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There was a 22 per cent increase in building consents issued in the Wellington region for the 12 months ending in November – representing 3633 new homes.

Auckland led the country with a 25 per cent increase – representing more than 20,000 new homes.

The national total was a record 48,522 new homes consented, up 26 percent compared with the previous year. November had 4,688 new homes consented, the highest number for any month on record

News from StatsNZ
The Auckland region led the annual number of new homes consented with 20,384 in the year ended November 2021 (up 25 percent compared with the year ended November 2020).

This is the first time that Auckland has passed the 20,000 mark.

Regions with the next highest number of new homes consented were:

7,526 in Canterbury (up 30 percent compared with the year ended November 2020)
5,062 in Waikato (up 26 percent)
3,633 in Wellington (up 22 percent).

“Much of the growth in Auckland has been due to the increase in the number of consents for multi-unit homes such as townhouses, apartments, and flats,” said construction statistics manager Michael Heslop.

“In Auckland, the number of multi-unit homes consented in the year ended November 2021 is now triple what it was five years ago.”

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