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News from Wellington City Council
Seatoun Wharf will close for up to 12 months as the 120-year-old structure gets substantial repairs to maintain safety and preserve its heritage.

This work comes as part of Wellington City Council’s wider Coastal Wharf Upgrades project across the CBD and Eastern Suburbs, to help ensure the structures are safe and can be used by the community for years to come.

The repairs are also important for contingency planning. In the event of an emergency, our wharves should be available to provide continued access to the CBD and Eastern suburbs.

Seatoun Wharf has been serving the community for almost 120 years (built in 1901), and a condition assessment in 2017 identified several areas of concern with its structural integrity.

Since the assessment, areas of the wharf have been fenced off to the public. Due to the degree of structural issues and its heritage status, engineers advised it will need substantial repairs which could take up to 12 months.

The repair design has been prepared in collaboration with a heritage advisor to ensure it retains a similar look and design.

Repairs include:

  • Repairing the piles by splicing new sections above seabed level.
  • New bracing on the outer wharf section to provide loading capability for boats, and to resist waves.
  • Retaining existing handrails and kerbs, and putting new ones where needed.
  • New energy absorbing fenders on the outer landing to replace the existing tyres.
  • Replacing all cross bearers and some deck joists with new hardwood.
  • Replacing decking timber with new hardwood planking.
  • Strengthening the four eastern most piles on the wharf head, using steel embedded into the seabed.
  • Installing new ladders and a life ring.
  • Lighting will be renewed.

The East by West Ferry will not be operating at Seatoun Wharf until the planned reopening in 2022.



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