So why use professional Painters you may ask?

Sanding Wall

The key to an excellent paint job comes down to the preparation.

Painter at work with a paint roller

Which fillers to use, whether to strip, sand or both, what kind of bog to use, how to identify rot, leaks and future problems are but a few of the key decisions that must be made to ensure a long lasting result. There are also multiple paint types that suit certain surfaces and areas of Wellington better than others.

painted Walls

Capital Painting Services is not your typical painting business. We don’t only make your house look brand new again, but we add value by providing a detailed visual report of the work carried out, the details of all products used, any relevant warranties and recommendations for when further work will be required.

Capital Painting Services Wellington
We paint exteriors, interiors, roofs, carry out house washing and small home maintenance work.

Paint Roller
We provide daily visual updates so that the property owner can be kept abreast of progress.


I look forward to your call.

Dave Bell
Capital Painting Services Ltd