Cheapest streets in the most expensive suburbs

With property values continuing to increase, there are now 120 “million dollar” suburbs around the country. The majority of these are in Auckland, with 102 suburbs in the city having a median HomesEstimate exceeding $1M. There are also now 3 suburbs with a median HomesEstimate more than $2M.

There are another 17 “million dollar” suburbs in NZ’s other main centres with the most expensive being Oriential Bay in Wellington, with a median HomesEstimate of $1.97M.

With these eye-watering price tags, the team at decided to find the most affordable streets within these glamour suburbs.

Some suburbs have few options. For example, the most affordable street in Herne Bay (Auckland’s most expensive suburb) is Hamilton Rd with a median HomesEstimate still over $1.7M. However, this does pale in comparison to the suburb’s most expensive; Cremorne St with a median HomesEstimate of $7.1M!

But other Auckland suburbs do have some affordable pockets if owners are happy to adopt apartment living:

  • Saint Marys BayWestwood Terrace Apartments bringing resulting in a median HomesEstimate of $528k within the street, well under the suburb median of $2.37M
  • RemueraWimbledon Way has a median of $964k, just over half the Remuera suburb median of $1.84M
  • Epsom: Bordering the motorway, Edgerley Ave has a median HomesEstimate of $855k, well under the median in Epsom of $1.82M.

We also see a bit more variation in other parts of the country. For example:

  • Khyber Road ($937k) is the most affordable in Seatoun, Wellington
  • Norna Crescent ($902k) is the most affordable in Kelburn, Wellington
  • Verran Place ($634k) is the most affordable in Fendalton, Christchurch

This analysis shows there is something for everyone, even in some of the country’s most expensive areas. We suggest you spend the time doing your research online, driving around the neighbourhood, and talking with local real estate agents, who knows what you will find!

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