Ray White Now

Across the country all alert levels have been lowered and essentially, while we continue to remain with safe practices and social distancing, our trading is now relatively unrestricted.

As spring arrives in earnest and this week we cross over into October, our results continue to reflect the momentum of the real estate market. This week our live listings have increased by 83 which shows that over the last 28 days we have listed 2,111 properties which is 25.73 per cent up. In regard to sales, the momentum continues with our sales numbers increasing by 108 during the past week and lifting to a total of 1,662 property sales in the last 28 days, reflecting a 47.21 per cent increase on 2019.

The numbers show a steady supply of new property coming onto the market which is favourable for buyers. However the depth of the buyer pool continues to get stronger which provides for competition and effectively a market which continues to be in favour of sellers.

28 September 2020


Maybe now is a good time to talk about selling your property, I welcome your call.