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In a New Zealand first, homes.co.nz has partnered with geospatial analysis company Lynker Analytics and New Zealand’s leading solar power provider Harrisons Energy Solutions to help Wellington homeowners realise the solar power potential of their homes.

Tom Lintern, Chief Data Scientist from homes.co.nz explains.

“our Solar Estimate provides an indication of the returns you can expect for your property from a solar investment. We’re excited to announce the partnership with Harrison’s and Lynker Analytics, and look forward to rolling our Solar Estimates out nationally throughout the year.”

homes.co.nz know that Kiwis are passionate about property and want to access as much data and content possible to help them make the best possible decisions for themselves and their families.

Matt Lythe, Manager Director of Lynker Analytics, says “we have used detailed digital models generated from Lidar data to generate a heat map of solar potential for every roof in the city. Our models take into account the size, angle and orientation of the roof as well as shadows from nearby trees, buildings and hills. The heat maps allow you to understand where on your roof might be best suited to solar panels and also how you compare to your neighbours. The solar estimate is based on the annual value a standard 3 kW system could generate using the average retail power price.”

Phil Harrison, General Manager of Harrisons also says “We are excited to partner with homes.co.nz on this exciting new initiative & to working with homeowners to unleash the solar potential of their home. A solar system added to your home is an investment. It adds green features to your home and can increase the value of your home to potential buyers who see the benefits of solar. If you are a landlord, a solar system can make…………

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