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by Conor Hill
One of the most important things the Wellington City Council will do this term is to update the District Plan to accommodate more Wellingtonians. Currently the plan is a Russian doll of nonsense, too complex for professionals let alone laymen to understand. The council concedes the point in Kafkaesque fashion – the first chapter of the guide to the District Plan is an overview to using the guide.

Worse, the District Plan is a massive handbrake on building affordable homes. It means that in most parts of the city you have to have a car park and can’t build over two storeys. In many parts of the city you can only have one home on a section, and you can often only build on 20% or 30% of the large section you’ve been made to buy. Rules protect homes built in one year, but not the same style of home built 2 years later. These rules greatly increase the cost of new homes.

The craziest thing about these rules is that many of Wellington’s most enjoyable neighborhoods were built before they existed.

Aro Valley, Thorndon, Mt Vic and Newtown are filled with cottages on tiny sections with no car parks.

There are also plenty of gorgeous apartment buildings, whether it’s the laidback art-deco in Mount Victoria, or some of the mid century offerings in Aro. And in all of these suburbs there’s high rise living. In Oriental Bay, the rules are very relaxed, you can build up to 34 metres, and don’t have to leave almost your entire section as grass or concrete like you do in Newlands or most parts of the city. These older suburbs have great amenities, plenty of people, cafes and good shopping.

But for some reason, the…………

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