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by Ron Beernink
Most of the world has figured out that creating bigger, wider, additional roads does not fix traffic problems. It only makes it worse as it encourages more traffic. Transmission Gully will be an example of this.

At best it will get people faster to the big bottlenecks that will happen as they get to Wellington or the Hutt. It will encourage more cars when we should be doing the opposite to avoid the impending disastrous effects of global warming.

It is no surprise therefore that central and local governments are saying a clear “No” to building more road capacity. This may be a bitter pill for people who are stuck in traffic jams at common bottlenecks like the Terrace tunnel, Mt Victoria tunnel and the Melling interchange. Sadly a lot of those people are the real cause of this problem; driving their car when they could have taken a train, a bus, or even walked or cycled.

It is sad but not surprising to see Hutt mayor Ray Wallace suggesting that the NZTA take the opportunity to add another traffic lane to SH2 by widening the foreshore a bit more while they are putting the seaside walking and bike lane in. Sad as it shows that mayor Ray clearly isn’t very good at thinking things through, particularly with him suggesting that this can be done at minimal cost.

Had he consulted some of his traffic engineers, they could have told him straight away that every metre of road infrastructure change costs thousands. Also, anyone who travels along SH2 can see straight away that the railway line would need to be moved to make way for another traffic lane. Now we’re really talking big BIG dollars. And only to get more people in cars faster to the next traffic jam.

Not surprising………..

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