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Renting in an apartment or flat might make you feel like like you don’t have the right to make the changes you want in order to make it more you. There are numerous ways you can transform the living space to suit your personal vibe, without having to deal with back and forths between landlords or property managers

Image source: idealhome.co.uk

Be bold with your colour choices

Start by adding brightly coloured rugs, you can mix and match colours for a bigger impact. And if you want to make a really big impact opt for a brightly coloured sofa or armchair, something in lines of yellow or lime green.

You can also choose colourful artwork that will provide great contrast to your walls and liven up the space. Double check with your property manager about how you can hang things on your walls, there’s lots of ways to hang a painting!

Image source: pinterest.com

It’s all about the matte

Matte colours are taking over in 2018. You will see them in both fashion and interior design. In order to implement this trend in your rental you should go for smaller surfaces, like the bathroom.

Try looking for accessories with a matte finish, think soap dispensers, shower caddies and decorative objects in your bathroom……….

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