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Andrew King: "Houses have had to be demolished and now we know that could have been a waste of time."


Andrew King: “Houses have had to be demolished and now we know that could have been a waste of time.”

Landlord Sandra Maugham has only just finished the clean-up of methamphetamine in her Whangarei rental property.

The Otangarei tenants left by mutual agreement after damaging the house. She decided to test for meth when neighbours told her about suspicious behaviour.

The original test came back at a level of 2.91. At present a property is considered contaminated if a test in a high-use individual area comes back at more than 1.5 micrograms per 100 sq cm.

Further tests revealed the tenants had smoked methamphetamine in the bedrooms and lounge.

After insurance chipped in, the process cost Maugham $1000 and was finished two weeks ago.

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Maugham said she was sceptical of the limit and more concerned about mould than methamphetamine. “[It’s the] biggest scam of the property game.

“Scaremongering means I probably would have had to test for peace of mind of next tenant.

“Also in case next tenant is worse and levels are really high at the end of their tenancy. At least now I have a baseline result under legal limit. Any further contamination would be theirs. ”

Bu a report out today indicates she may not need to have worried at all.

The report from Prime Minister’s Chief Science Adviser Peter Gluckman found there was no risk to humans from third-hand exposure to houses where methamphetamine had been consumed

“In the absence of clear scientific and health information, there has been an assumption among the general public that the presence of even trace levels of methamphetamine residue poses a health risk,” Gluckman said.

Sandra Maugham: "I was always sceptical of the limit."

Sandra Maugham: “I was always sceptical of the limit.”

“There is absolutely no evidence in the medical literature of anyone being harmed from passive use, at any level. We can’t find one case.”

Andrew King, executive officer of the NZ Property Investors Federation, said it was a pleasant surprise but would also be a “kick in the guts” to landlords and homeowners who had cleaned out houses, sold them at a loss because of contamination or even demolished them

“Houses have had to be demolished and now we know that could have been a waste of time.

“Some people have been severely financially disadvantaged because of………

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