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Mossy walls add character to gardens but moss on paths and steps can be slippery.


Mossy walls add character to gardens but moss on paths and steps can be slippery.

Remove moss (and liverwort, lichen and algae) from where it is not wanted. While it gives charm and character to timber, stone and concrete walls, statues and sculpture, it can make paths slippery. Moss most commonly appears on damp, shady spots.

Spraying is an option for those who favour chemical control but all this does is kill it and turn it an ugly brown without actually removing it. In my opinion it’s far better to scrape it off while it is green, than spray it and then have to scrape it off.

Alternatively, you can discourage it from happening in the first place. Regular brushing of hard surfaces with a stiff broom, raking of shingle areas and forking over of soil will help keep it at bay. As will improving drainage of affected areas by digging channels alongside them. When building such features make them on a slight slope to aid run off, and/or use porous paving materials. Use chicken wire on wooden paths and bridges in shady spots, or coarse sand on paths over winter to make them less slippery.

Remember though that mosses and their kin are, evolutionary-wise, way older than any other plants and very important in ecosystems. Many in your garden will be native, which makes them extra………….

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