Making meth testing easier

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October 2017

Concerns about the costs of meth testing rental properties could be alleviated by a DIY plan being suggested by landlord advocates.

By Miriam Bell

Recent Crockers research into the risks facing property investors shows that, as compared to 2016, investors’ concerns about meth contamination have noticeably declined.

However, 25% of investors still listed meth contamination as a risk to their rental properties in the research and public concern over the issue remains high.

This year has seen some significant advances in the drive to better manage meth contamination of rental properties.

The long-awaited new meth testing and decontamination standard is finally in place.

Additionally, legislation which would give landlords the right to test for meth and enable tenancy agreements to be terminated when levels are unsafe is currently going through Parliament.

Now the NZ Property Investors Federation wants to make the meth testing process faster and easier for landlords.

NZPIF executive officer Andrew King said landlords should be able to conduct their own initial meth tests on a property using lower-cost DIY testing kits but…..

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