Better than New York? Wellington named as world’s best city

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Wellington is the best city in the world to live in, according to a global survey reported by the Financial Times.

The survey conducted by the Deutsche Bank measured cities on factors such as cost of living, pollution, climate and house prices and ranked Wellington as the best city in the world.

“Wellingtonians know we live in the best spot on earth, and now the rest of the world is hearing about it as well,” says acting Wellington Mayor Paul Eagle.

“The international survey is a big endorsement that we’re on the right track here in Wellington. It ranks us ahead of much bigger cities like New York, Sydney and Los Angeles and even ahead of cities that pride themselves on quality of life like Melbourne and Edinburgh.

“It’s also a powerful reminder of the things we need to protect for future generations: our local environment, affordable and accessible housing, ease of movement, quality public transport, and good paying jobs.

Wellington Ambassador Simon Wolf said the winning global ranking would be a boost for the capital’s efforts in attracting new people to visit and work in the city.

“This is a big win for Wellington and confirmation that we really stand out on the world stage,” he says. “This shows it’s not just locals who love Wellington, the rest of the world is casting a jealous eye our way as well.”

The Financial Times report can be found here but it’s paywalled. Here’s an extract from the report:

Forget London, New York or Tokyo, for a better quality of life you should go to Wellington, Edinburgh or Vienna.

According to a ranking of cities on measures such as cost of living, pollution, climate and house prices by Deutsche Bank analysts, Edinburgh in Scotland came second, ahead of Vienna and behind Wellington in New Zealand.
Using data from Numbeo, a crowdsourced website that compiles data from expats, the Scottish capital was the second best in the world for commute times and also scored highly for air-quality, house prices and healthcare.
Meanwhile big cities like London and New York were in the bottom half of the table of 47 countries.

However the researchers, led by Jim Reid, noted that options for socialising and having fun were not a factor included in the calculations, which is why many people put up with the hassle of living in a big city. “Megacities often offer aspirational qualities that the average citizen may strive towards and in return accept some quality of life impairment,” they added.

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