House plagiarism – a form of flattery or poor taste?

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<img class="photoborder" title="" src=" levitra prices.related.StuffLandscapeSixteenByNine.620×349.1frg5o.png/1480366667677.jpg” alt=”We all draw inspiration for our homes from many sources, but maybe we should avoid stealing ideas from our immediate …” />

We all draw inspiration for our homes from many sources, but maybe we should avoid stealing ideas from our immediate neighbours.

They say imitation is a form of flattery, but when it comes to your biggest asset, it’s not likely to be appreciated.

A homeowner, who we have chosen not to name, has contacted Stuff to say she is astounded that her new neighbours chose to build a house exactly like hers. And this is not a developer subdivision where all the houses look alike on purpose.

“Just three years ago, new neighbours moved into a house below me, and within a year they had a carbon copy of my house – right down to the same flooring, the same colour on indoor walls, black blinds and even the same doormat!

“I understand we all draw inspiration from around us everyday but please, let’s have some form of individuality (and respect of others feelings and achievements) by not outright copying!”

A Havelock North homeowner had a similar experience. She bought a house where the previous owners had
subdivided the rear. The former owners then proceeded to built a copy of the house they had just sold on the rear section. Presumably they thought they had some sort of “design rights”.

“It looked incredibly similar from the outside, but when I went in I was even more astounded,” the new owner says. “They had replicated absolutely everything from their original house, right down to the awful blue-green carpet and butter yellow walls. It even had the same layout – it was like being in the same house.”

This owner says she was especially amazed because the original house was 50 years old and the interior was very dated (early ’90s), but it hastened her decision to change her own decor.

But what are the ethics of doing this? While it’s great to get ideas from other houses, surely it’s bad form to copy an immediate neighbour or your best friend’s house?


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