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Just getting around all the open homes down on our list for a Sunday afternoon can be stressful, with so many in such a ...

Just getting around all the open homes down on our list for a Sunday afternoon can be stressful, with so many in such a short space of time.

Blake Crayton-Brown accidentally started hunting for his first home in September. This is his fifth opinion piece about the trials and tribulations of trying to get a foot on the property ladder.

My mind is slowly turning to mush.

Sunday afternoons are fast becoming a blur.

It’s not that I can’t remember what I was doing over a given weekend, I certainly can – trudging through open homes.

I’m just struggling to remember the specifics.

Which house was it again where the floor boards outside one of the bedrooms made a “ga-dooonk” sound when I walked over them?

And which was the house where there was a garage that would be completely inaccessible by cars unless you disassembled them first?

Given that the lion’s share of houses we’ve looked at so far have been older (1910s-1940s), in Lower Hutt, on the flat, and with mostly small-ish backyards, they’re all starting to fade in our minds individually.

So what can we do to better remember what we love, hate and are bemused by in the houses we look at?

Sometimes when you’re rushing between open homes, which almost all seem to overlap during about a two-hour window after midday Sunday, even finding the next house can be a bit of a mission, let alone penning an accurate and thorough description of what we’ve just seen.

Should we be scribbling down as many notes as we can as we walk through the house? Or take some smartphone photos of anything odd that we notice as we go?

Good friends who snagged a house in Wellington late last year have suggested we put together a good old fashioned spreadsheet to keep tabs, not only on the houses we’ve been to, but also the ones we’ve missed out on getting to.

It’s something I’m planning to put together this week ahead of the next fun round of trying to not fall over as I fumble to put my shoes back on in front of sometimes dozens of more co-ordinated and graceful shoe-putter-oners.

But it’s not my only plan ahead of next weekend’s open home tour of duty – I’m also going to buy some slip-on shoes.

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