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by Michael Barnett
FIT Wellington has done much work in identifying feasible routes for light rail connecting the Wellington Railway Station with the Airport, and we consider a viable route exists that avoids the potential mode conflicts at the Basin Reserve. We now call on Wellingtonians to tell the powers that be that the time has come for future proofed, sustainable, efficient, desirable mass rapid transit. That solution isn’t BRT (Bus Rapid Transit), it is LR (Light Rail). WLR (Wellington Light Rail) is the future that Wellington deserves and you need to ask for it, now!

LGMW (Let’s Get Wellington Moving) states that “Current growth rates for the city suggest that the point at which demand would justify mass transit is about ten years away.” Considering that Light Rail is anticipated to take 7-10 years to implement, clearly now is the time to start.

The implementation of light rail would dramatically reduce the number of vehicles using the Mt Vic tunnel and therefore alleviate the congestion through the tunnel and around the Basin Reserve at peak times. It would also future proof……….

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